Design Management Courses


Product Management Course
As part of the program initiated with the Egyptian Furniture Export Council Rhimal Design and IED are preparing to run a second course of their series of design management courses. The course, which is subsidized by the ITC (for registered manufacturers) is composed of three phases over a three week period for a total of 78 hours. The structure is as follows:

    1. How to determine a Design strategy?
    2. How do companies define trends?
    3. How to implement a Design strategy inside a company?
    4. Who are the actors involved in Design management?
    1. Why a market research (External Analysis)?
    2. What are the needs of the market?
    3. How will I map my target?
    4. How will I recognize my competitors?
    5. How will I position my product?
    6. What is the product value (Internal Analysis)?
    1. How to develop a product brief?
    2. How to manage new product concept?
    3. How to interface with different departments?
    4. How to converge internal activities?
    5. How to maximize the product value?

To register you interest in the course write to