For the design community to be able to participate competitively in the global arena, it needs some support until it develops its language and skills. For this Rhimal has made it its business to incubate young talents as a means of providing them with the chance and resources to mature and grow. This arm of the Rhimal vision started 2008 and has grown to include several avenues for support and interaction with the design and industrial communities.


 D+I Workshops

At the top of these activities is the Design + Industry Workshops program, an initiative started with the Egyptian Furniture Export Council to bring together international designers with young designers and furniture manufacturers in a collaborative search for a contemporary design language for Egyptian furniture.


First Design + Industry Workshop

Second Design + Industry Workshop

Kyme, or the Black Land in ancient Coptic, is the brand name of the products emerging from the Design + Industry workshops.


Kyme at Milan 2009

Kyme at Furnex 2009

Kyme at +20 Egypt Design 2010


      The second initiative is Khamaseen, a storm of creative energies. Rhimal organizes exhibitions to feature and bring to the market the outputs of young talents. The outputs are either through workshops that Rhimal organizes or through the individual or collective works of the designers. The first running of Khamaseen was during the events of +20 Egypt Design in June of 2010. 





Where is Education Going?

Egyptian Fashion in Paris
      Booth in a Box
     Design Internship

Rhimal also started a Design Internship program for design students and young graduates who are interested in gaining hands on experience in the design management, and design for industry fields. Besides the internship program with Rhimal itself, we organize with enterprises and manufacturers programs that bring the young designers into the companies and factories through a mutually productive program designed and managed by Rhimal.