Rhimal is a design management firm dedicated to forging an effective link between design and industry as a first step towards uplifting the design fields in Egypt and the Middle East to their rightful place as a key asset for business and cultural competitiveness.

Rhimal develops functional partnerships with both the design and the industrial communities as a means towards creating a mutually beneficial common language for cooperation and support. Functionally it achieves this through its four interdependent arms that cross the wide spectrum of design fields:

  • Communication
  • Design Research Centre
  • Design Incubator
  • Design Management Training

Our Goals & Objectives

On a strategic level, our objectives are focused on four corners:

1.Introduce “Design as a Culture”

  • To introduce the concept of “Design as a Culture” through the mechanisms and strategies of effective education to promote public and professional awareness;
  • To have a pivotal role in the evolution of the design fields in Egypt and the region;

2.Become a “Bridge” for designers

Rhimal acts as a bridge between:

  • designers and industry
  • designers and the decision makers
  • designers and the community at large
  • designers and academia
  • designers and designers
  • local and the international design communities

3.Establish an “International Presence”

  • To promote and nurture an international brand name representing local design;
  • To provide connections, support, and services to talented designers with similar goals to reach out for a global outlook;

4.Foster “Young Talents”

  • To build an impressive intellectual and creative capital, Rhimal becomes a haven and a centre for attracting and fostering young and talented designers;