Pioneer Architects of Egypt
An Architecture Exhibitions


Design exhibitions are rare in Egypt where art exhibitions are the norm. Rhimal promotes this new awareness raising tool and has thus organized or participated in the organization of two such exhibitions, one on Egyptian Architects of the 20th century and the other on design and creativity.

The exhibition on the pioneers of architecture during the first half of the 20th century was a first in Egypt. The retrospective does not attempt to be comprehensive but covers the important works of over 18 architects.

    List of Architects:
Adu Bakr Khayrat
Ahmed Sharmy
Albert Khoury
Albert Zananiri
Ali Labib Gabr
Anis Serag ELdeen
Antoine Salim Nahas
Charles Ayrout
Hassan Fathy
Mahmoud Ryad
Max Adrei
Mohamed Cherif Nooman
Mohamed Raafat Bek
Mustafa Fahmy Pasha
Ramses Wissa Wassef
Raymond Antonius
Sayed Fahmy Kareem
Shafei Office