S.O.S Mansoura Festival

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The S.O.S. Music Festival is visiting different Egyptian governorates this year and on Saturday, the 25th of October 2008, the festival was held in El-Mansoura. What set this event apart was the collaboration of S.O.S. sponsors, Books & Beans library, and Magaz Magazine to organize the first paper kite tournament in Egypt. This new idea attracted many young people, especially from Mansoura, who had expressed their enthusiasm for participating in the first public festival to be held in their governorate in a long time.

The Magaz Team had arranged a workshop for this event, with a focus on designing and producing a kite that represented Magaz in the tournament, and also on training the young participants on how to make paper kites.

Sadly, the wind wasn't very suitable for flying kites, which was the reason behind focusing on the joy of collective group work.  Even very young participants made paper kites – some simple and some rather advanced designs – and dressed them in bright colors and forms to freely express their thoughts. The activities themselves varied between the display of artwork for children, such as the Egypt in Children's Eyes the World Over contest, and the works of young artists, such as Collage by the artist Muhammed Morsi.