Through this arm design, research and development services are provided to enterprises to assist them in integrating design as a key asset in their development and growth. These services include:

  • branding and design identity support

assisting our partners in developing a clear a focused brand strategy and reflecting it in their product development strategy;

  • instituting a product development process

working with the company on integrating design into their ways and systems through developing an integrated product development process that fits their infrastructure and resources;

  • design support and design management

our team is capable of providing our partners with design services directly or managing the process with external design teams;

  • consultancy and product research

our multi-faceted team allows us to address various dimensions of the design to production problems encountered by companies, be they on the service o production levels. If not available in-house we are able to research the problem with the assistance our international and local partners; 

  • design links and resources
we assist the companies in identifying and selecting the most appropriate local and international designers and design resources that best address their needs;

Al Cazar

Rhimal’s collaboration with Al Cazar is focused on increasing the company’s international presence through developing a product development strategy and plan that is integrated into all dimensions of the business. This shall emerge from a unique and distinct brand identity and strategy.

Mobica Innovation Lab
Rhimal Design has entered a long-term partnership with Mobica, one of the region’s largest office furniture manufacturers, to build the company’s international competitiveness through the development of the Mobica Innovation Lab. This is to be the mechanism within the company that implants the culture of innovation into all processes and products of the company with a focus on international competitiveness.